Educational Video How Courts Determine Bail Amounts

Once the accused person is in the custody of the police for an alleged offense, that person may be able to get out of jail if they post a bond or bail. With the help of a bail bond company, these individuals charged with criminal offenses may leave the jail temporarily while waiting for their trial.

As long as that individual is qualified to be released on bail or that they will not commit another crime while released on bail, that individual is eligible for bail.

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State laws also regulate a bail bond company, yet regulations may be quite complex.

The amount of bail attached to a person’s release on bail isn’t indicative. Whether it’s a strong case or the charge is very serious, it’s merely to secure the person’s return to the court to see the formality of the case.

Bail is usually set in amounts beyond the individual’s financial capability. A bail bond company usually charges 10-20% of the bail amount, and this is to post bail for the defendant. With that, the company signs a contract called a surety bond. It agrees to be liable for a full bail amount if the defendant fails to appear in court.


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