Tips for Finding Pet Friendly Student Housing

For many people, pets are a part of the family. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for many renters to find accommodations that allow pets, such as pet friendly student housing. If you’re struggling to find a rental home for you and your pet, this video from My ESA Doctor has some useful tips.

The easiest way to find suitable housing is to look for options online. Many popular sites and apps have filter tools that allow you to see apartments and other rental properties that allow pets.

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With these tools, you can find pet-safe apartments in your area in a matter of minutes.

If there are limited options near you, look for private landlords. While many property management companies have firm rules regarding pets, private landlords are often open to negotiation. For example, a landlord that doesn’t normally allow pets may be willing to rent to you and your furry friend if you offer them a larger security deposit.

Don’t feel discouraged if you’re struggling to find a place for you and your pet. While finding the right accommodations isn’t always easy, the right tips can help you with your search. Whether you’re a cat-owner or a dog-lover, you’re sure to find an apartment that serves your needs.


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