What Happens During Cremation

When a loved one dies, we’re faced with the difficult task of saying goodbye. There are a lot of decisions that come with that task. One of them is deciding whether or not to cremate the body. For some, they are not interested due to religious reasons. Still, others might consider cremation because that’s what their loved one wanted or because it is more affordable than burials.

If you decide on cremation, this is the process that will occur. The first thing that happens is all metal is removed.

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This is so it doesn’t negatively affect the cremation process. Even the handles from the casket are taken off. You can be present for the beginning of the process if you would like, but there is no shame in not wanting to be there. Then, a button will be pushed and the casket will enter.

Eventually, the bottom of the casket will begin to burn. There is a control system that will ensure the high temperature of the system is sustained. In less than 150 minutes, everything will be turned to ash. The only thing left over will be bone fragments and other non-flammable materials. Then the remains are collected.


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