Three Potential Career Paths For Those Interested In Laboratory Science

Secondary education

As many people can attest, there is a major advantage to attending college. This is particularly true for those who want to enter any field related to the medical sciences. Most major careers in medicine require a degree of some kind, and in general there’s a huge advantage to going to college. On average, the hourly wage for college graduates is around $32.60, and 83% of those who attended college report that their degree has paid off. With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, it’s important to have something that sets you apart — and with 89% of college-educated millennials working full-time in 2013, it’s clear that a degree will do just that. Of course, if you want a career in the medical sciences, you’ll often need more than just a bachelors degree. Lots of people pursue masters degrees. One degree that has been standing out in the medical field is a masters in medical laboratory science. A medical laboratory science masters helps people stand out — it’s specific, yet can still apply to a number of different careers. It’s also a great compromise for those who want to work in medicine, but don’t want to be doctors. Below, we’ll look at some of the different career fields in pathology and laboratory sciences — perfect for those with a medical laboratory science masters.

1. Laboratory Manager

While some careers within the laboratory science field can be pursued by those with a medical laboratory science masters or bachelors degree, a laboratory manager is typically expected to have a masters degree, and with good reason. There’s a lot of responsibility involved in being a laboratory manager, and if you don’t have the proper education it’s a job that can get overwhelming fast. With that said, it’s also interesting and rewarding, and not just in terms of salary. What a laboratory manager does is supervise the operations of a laboratory. While some labs are fairly small, others are quite large, meaning that the responsibilities of the manager will vary depending on the size of the lab they’re supervising. Of course, the candidates interviewing for this type of job will vary, and you will need a NYS license as well. Some people find that having experience in business administration helps when interviewing for this type of job. Fortunately, many people with medical laboratory science masters degrees are at the point in their career where they have experience outside of the sciences alone. It just goes to show how diverse the sciences really are in terms of career expectations.

2. Pathology Assistant

This is the type of job for those who want to be more hands-on in terms of science. For that matter, it may be a more accessible career for those who focused singularly on science throughout school and their preceding career path. As the title suggests, a pathology assistant works side by side with pathologists, assisting them with the preparation and examination of specimens. This can include the dissection of specimens, photography, and gross description as well. Most often, pathology assistants will work in surgical pathology or autopsy pathology. The hours can sometimes be grueling in this field, and you will be expected to be on hand whenever a pathologist needs you. But many people find it to be quite intriguing, and when you’re ready to dive in and be fully involved in the scientific aspects of pathology, it’s perfect. Many people work as pathology assistants before returning to school to become pathologists, as well.

3. Cryotechnologist

If you want a career in cryotechnology, you may in some circumstances not need a masters degree. But with that being said, you will need to be licensed — so some people find that they’d prefer to complete their licensure program and a masters at the same time. This career involves looking at samples like pap smears under a microscope and searching for signs of disease. It’s incredibly important that you’re fully trained to handle this kind of job — there’s no room for error.

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