5 Reasons You Should Go Back to School


Are you considering going back to school to get a degree in interdisciplinary studies? Or perhaps a psychology degree or something else entirely is looking attractive to you at this point. However, if it’s been a good few years since you stepped food in a class room, you might be a little hesitant. Thinking about all of those younger students and the whole college atmosphere can be a little daunting. Too many people let these kinds of thoughts stop them from ever going back to college. Don’t be one of them. If you are getting the itch to go back to school and start a second career or maybe just for your own accomplishment then do all you can to accomplish that dream. It’s important that nothing comes between you and your degree in interdisciplinary studies. There can even be some advantages to being an older student.

You’ve got a better ability to focus
It might be daunting to think about keeping up with all of these energizer bunny type students but one thing that you should keep in mind is that for the first time in these kids lives, they are living away from home and away from their parents. This kind of freedom can go straight to a young person’s head and be very distracting. The college parties and romances could hold their attention more steadily than class can. If you’ve already been through that stage of life then you can just focus on your studies and not care about all of that. Freedom isn’t a new thing to you and you will be better able to balance your personal life and school life ratios.

You have a head start
The experiences that younger students have is minimal. If you are majoring in theater, some of your fellow students make never have even seen live products before. You will have a lot more general and cultural knowledge than the other kids. You’ll have a sense of perspective that they won’t be able to get for years to come that will really help you out.

You are more sure of what you want
Kids seem to be constantly changing their majors and their minds because they can’t figure out what they want to do in life. Going back to school as an older student means that you have thought this out and are not going for merely the college experience. You have a goal in mind. You know where you are headed and what you want. You’ve held jobs and had bills to pay and know what it’s going to take. You know what you don’t want. You’ve experienced enough to know that there are certain things that you would love doing and others not so much. It’s not all about the money or maybe it is. Whatever the case may be, you are more stable in your decision making abilities.

You can handle the obstacles
Young people aren’t used to obstacles. Children are usually sheltered by their parents and don’t have to worry about people telling them they can’t do something. If they are trying to get a degree in interdisciplinary studies, they might have a pie in the sky idea of how things are going to turn out when they graduate. When they don’t get the job they want or are making less than their worth it can be disappointing and feel like school was a waste of time. Or maybe a teacher tells them they should drop the class. Those kinds of words can shape a young students character and life. However, for an older student, you know that nothing comes easy and if it does, it’s probably not worth it. You are better equipped do deal with the obstacles that might come your way.

You’ve got real world experience
Whether you are getting a degree in interdisciplinary studies or going through a business major, you have experienced working in the real world. Most students have only held entry level job positions if any at all by the time they get in to college for the first time. Knowing what it’s like to sacrifice for your children and your family or get laid off can toughen you up and motivate you to be better.

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