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Quotes about Education Should Illustrate Consequences

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Educational quotes
What makes great education quotes? I think the best quotes on education look at the consequences. Saints, martyrs, thought leaders and tyrants have all had great quotes on education, and have shared there wisdom. Here are a few quotes about education from some of my favorite thought leaders. One of my all time favorite quotes about education comes from Confucius, who said, “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” To me, this sums up all of the best things education can give. Education builds character, it is true. But that character comes from affecting the change you wish to see, and having the tools to do so. As Confucius was implying, education gives you the tools to shape the world around you. When you can do that, you know what the world will be like. Another commentator had one of the darker quotes about education that touched on the same theme. “Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed,” said tyrant and mass murderer Josef Stalin. Stalin, unlike Confucius, was not a peaceful man, and sought to destroy far more than he built. But Stalin was also very intelligent, and knew the power of education. To Stalin, education also had the power to shape lives through oppression, and framed his quotes about education accordingly. But alas, Stalin is an exception. There are other quotes about education that express similar themes in a much more positive light. Take Teresa de Avila, who said, “Untilled ground, however rich, will bring forth thistles and thorns; so also the mind of man.” Here, Teresa implied that the soil needs to be tilled and cared for to feed men. Quotes about education can do many things. Some educational quotes take a rather cynical view of education. Other quotes about education focus more about teaching as a craft. I prefer to read quotes about education that illustrate the consequences of education. Education affects change in everyone and everything around you. Whether you use it to build things or oppress others is up to you.

Finding the Right Fit For Your Child Can Be as Simple as Doing Research

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Child care in ct
Never feel that you have to settle when it comes to child care in CT. The most important thing to consider is your peace of mind and the safety of your child will ease the stress you have during the day to know your little one is being given the best care possible. The first step to finding great childcare ct is to do some of your own research before making any decisions. Extensive research on child card in CT centers can be done over the internet or though personal acquaintances. Try searching for daycare in CT to get an idea of how many options you have. Read online reviews, see pictures of their facilities, and even get some insight from other parents testimonials. Another key factor of child care in CT is to consider how affordable it is. Many parents have a tough decision when it comes to spending more money or sacrificing the quality of child care in CT. There are plenty of day care centers in CT that offer reliable and reputable care without requiring you to take out a second mortgage. Feel free to contact any of the child care centers you come across to inquire about pricing. Once you understand the cost of child care in CT, you will be able to sit down and come up with a weekly, monthly, or annual budget to keep in mind for the rest of your search for child care in CT. Another thing to consider when exploring daycares in ct is services offered. Some centers that offer child care in ct build their reputation on the added benefit of offering educational programs for the children in their care. Some of these educational centers are accredited by the state or a higher organization but most child care in CT has to pass some sort of state regulations.