Expected Growth Within the Field of Dentistry

There are a variety of professions within the United States that have a trustworthy and ethical reputation. It’s important to note that dentistry is listed within the top-ten of these valued professions. Given this, it’s not surprising that this field is currently experiencing significant growth. Furthermore, projections indicate that further growth is expected.

Projected Growth Within the Field of Dentistry

When taking all occupations into consideration, employment opportunities within the field of dentistry are expected to increase even faster. Between the years of 2016 to 2026, for example, it’s been predicted that this increased growth will amount to 19%. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website indicated that the annual median pay for dentists during 2017 was $158,120.00. This amounts to an hourly wage of $76.02.

There is also expected to be an increased demand for dental hygienists. As with dentists, employment opportunities are growing faster than with all other occupations. From 2016 to 2026, employment opportunities for this position are projected to increase by 20%. In 2017, dental hygienists earned a median wage of $74,070.00, which amounts to $35.61 an hour.

Learn More About Careers in Dentistry

If you are planning to enter the field of dentistry, are in dental school, or have already graduated, you may be considering several dental associate careers. In addition to dental associate careers, the American Dental Association indicates that these are also potential options:

  • Private practice
  • Hospital emergency rooms
  • Laboratory research
  • International health and relief organizations

When dentists have their own practices, the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website states that while some may work alone, others may have a small staff to assist them. In addition to working with a partner, other dentists may hold an associate position while working with a more experienced and established dentist.

Work hours will usually vary. While most dentists tend to work full-time, others may be available for their patients during the evenings and weekends, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The American Dental Association also reports that positions within this field offer competitive salaries. Furthermore, dentists are able to create a “sustainable work-life balance,” which is another welcome benefit.

Dentist Job Opportunities

In the event that you are currently searching for positions under the category of dental associate careers, there are dental hiring and placement agencies available. Dentist job listings also provide information on available positions for private dentist jobs, pediatric dentist jobs, and other dentist jobs. There are many helpful resources available to assist you with finding the best-possible career opportunities. Once you begin your new position, just imagine the difference you’ll make in your patients’ lives.

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