Innovative Ideas Held By Elementary Schools In the US

This video describes the 13 most innovative schools you may want to consider attending.
Some of the schools mentioned in this video are among the best elementary school options in the US. They include the Carpe Diem school in Ohio. These courses are taught completely online via a computer.

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This best elementary school looks like an office building. The main room has a common room of cubicles where the students can collaborate.

Also mentioned is Big Picture Learning in Providence, Rhode Island. This school gives them the big picture of life by allowing them to experience the work world by pursuing a career. They are given real-life mentors.

Clintondale High School in Detroit, Michigan is mentioned also because of its innovative way of flipping the classroom to be one of the best elementary school options. Students watched lesson plans at home and then come to school and collaborate with teachers.

The Alt School in California has changed the way schools learn. It does not use traditional education or standardized tests. Visitacion Valley Middle School had incorporated quiet time into the day for students.

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