Tips for Homeschooling Your 3-Year-Old

Brittany Olga uses her “Preschool Homeschool Curriculum for 3 year olds//Preschool at Home” video to share the resources she plans to use with her daughter, who has speech delays. Still, all her resources appear to be useful and fun for any child in the same age range.

Brittany briefly reviews one set of preschool education resources after another. She displays all the materials for viewers and enthusiastically describes how she plans to use them with her daughter.

Video Source

Brittany emphasizes that she bought everything at affordable stores, with many on sale. She takes her resourcefulness a step further by:

  • Laminating items so they are reusable
  • Using pouches to organize items after the original boxes wear out
  • Prints online resources to complement the purchased items.

Among the preschool education resources Brittany covers are:

  • Classic word and educational books like Old McDonald Had A Farm, and 123 Count With Me
  • Flashcards covering animals, the alphabet, and verbs
  • Games, including the ABCs, counting, and animals
  • Peekaboo Farms, for prepositions
  • Counting bears and cups
  • My Magnetic Daily Calendar for the days of the week and months of the year
  • Pre-writing and tracing activities
  • My First Learning Folder, with various activities
  • A Purely Preschool curriculum focused on insects, which her daughter enjoys

Brittany considers word books most important to preschool education. Everything else is a bonus.


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