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Trade School Jobs Your Should Consider Instead of College

Do you want to start up a new career out of high school but can’t afford it or don’t want to attend college? Lots of people will tell you that there’s no hope for you if you don’t go to university. However, trade school has become an increasingly popular way to prepare for a different type of career option.

Thankfully, there are many unique trade school career ideas that you might want to consider. These unique job paths will take you to many unique places and provide you with a fascinating array of different choices. Make sure that you pick one that feels right for your needs as a person.

Computer Work: Doesn’t Always Require a College Degree

It might be surprising to realize that computer programming and development doesn’t always require a bachelor’s degree. However, of all the trade school career ideas on this list, computer programming might be the potentially highest paying. And many trade schools can prepare you very quickly.

For example, you might find a great job as a programmer after just 1-2 years of experience in a trade school. And you may be able to make upwards of $30-50K right out of college. That kind of starting money is something that is hard to get with just any field, making this a great option for many.

Or you could get a career in a digital marketing agency that can provide you with the kind of help and support that you need. This type of firm is an interesting option for many people and is usually something that you can quickly learn and get experience with in a hands-on environment.

Even better, you have the potential to make upwards of $100K every year when you get more experience. And this field is growing at a 21% rate every year, with over 131,000 new openings available every year. As a result, you should find a job here very, very quickly, even if it’s just fixing up fiber optic seals and other types of elements.

Building Professionals: A Diverse Range of Career Options

Another of the best trade school career ideas is that of joining up with a building team. Trade schools can prepare you for many different elements of this field and get you started on the path to success. Just a few different options you may want to consider in this situation include:

  • Professional Builders – You may find it easy to get a high-quality job with a building firm if you go to a trading school. There are many different career paths that you can take here, from a hands-on construction expert to a team manager. You might even open up a new company to help.
  • Product Services – If you’re more interested in sales and opening up a high-quality shop, you might find it interesting to get into interior building products service help. There are always many different buyers for this type of service, meaning that you should be able to find an interesting option.
  • Repair Services – Do you enjoy working with your hands and performing high-quality repairs? Then, you might want to train to become a repair technician, a plumber, or join a team of electricians. Trade school can prepare you for these trades and give you the help that you need to thrive.
  • Manufacturing Professional – A large number of trade schools can train you to join a manufacturing team as a manager, a team leader, or even as a new business owner. Starting up as a truss manufacturer or another type of manufacturing company will require special training to execute.

This field is constantly on the growth and can make you a surprising array of money. Even as a manager, you can make up to $95K per year, depending on your position. And with a job growth rate that is pushing 9%, it should be easy to find an option that makes sense for your needs.

Mechanic Work: Always in High Demand

Do you love working on vehicles and want to start your own mechanic shop? Or are you interested in a lucrative career option that takes into account many elements of your life? If so, it is a good idea to consider trade school career ideas like auto or even diesel mechanical repair.

The career paths in this trade are quite diverse and engaging. For example, you could get into high-quality vehicle upgrades, as many car owners need these periodically. Steps as simple as installing new fuel injectors could be available for anyone interested in this potentially fascinating career.

However, you could also consider steps like becoming a diesel mechanic, which is a fun option and one that provides a huge pay increase. Diesel repair specialists typically have to work on specialized vehicles and must do a myriad of different repairs in a hands-on fashion.

Opening up a shop for yourself is another wise option. Many people enjoy this step because it takes their financial career into their hands and gives them more independence. That said, there’s also a higher level of risk, so take classes to help improve your business acumen.

Funeral Work: Another Lucrative Option

Of all the different trade school career ideas, this option may be the hardest sell to many. Working with the deceased can feel strange and even upsetting to many people. However, there are many career paths that you can take here that will be very rewarding for the right individual. They include:

  • Undertaking – Are you interested in a hands-on career and want to get started quickly? Becoming an undertaker may be a good choice for you. The demand for this job is always high, and the pay is very rewarding. You should be able to find a job surprisingly quickly if you get into this field.
  • Body Preparation – Before a funeral, experts need to prepare the body to make it more presentable. The undertaker takes care of most of these steps themselves. However, you may find a job as a makeup or beauty specialist for bodies. In this way, you can start a quick career and get a unique experience.
  • Transportation – Handling and transporting the deceased from a morgue to a parlor is always in high demand as a career. It requires people who are discrete, careful drivers and who don’t mind being on the road a lot during what is often very busy times of the day.
  • Owning a Parlor – When you buy a funeral parlor, you can provide an all-in-one treatment option that keeps your career financially strong. Doing so may also help to support your overall financial health and give you the independence that you need to avoid complications later in life.

Whatever option you choose here, you should be able to find an excellent option that makes sense for your needs. Make sure to research a few different options and check to see if you can handle these unique needs. Some people may find it hard to handle many of these hands-on job paths.

Beauty Care: A Very Creative Option

Are you into styling hair or other types of unique beauty treatments and want to make money doing it? Then, you might want to go to trade school. Of all the trade school career ideas, this is possibly one of the most popular. Thousands of young women and men follow this career path every year.

That’s because there is always a high demand for beauty specialists (some 30K new jobs available every year) and a surprisingly high potential for earning. When you offer things like Brazilian waxing and other beauty options, you’re likely to appeal to a surprising range of potential new customers.

And starting out is relatively easy. You’ll have to find a salon that needs you and pay for a seat. Your rental options will vary but are usually quite cheap. As the stylist, you’ll keep a vast majority of the money you’ll earn, as well, helping you to save up to open up a new shop.

This end result is one of the best choices you can make after finishing trade school. New salons do open up frequently, yes, but they almost always pick up a unique clientele. By appealing to a specific range of people, you’re more likely to stand out and make good money yourself.

Make sure to expand your options to include things like high-quality nail work, pedicures, tanning options, and much more. By taking these steps into account, you should make it easier to find the high-quality career path that makes the most sense for your needs as a person.

Pest Control: Always a Fascinating Option

Do you know that pest control experts can make six figures every year or more? And that you don’t need to go to college to start this career path? Of all the trade school career ideas, this option is likely one of the least understood but potentially beneficial for the right person. Why is this the case?

Well, pest control is almost always in high demand around the world. People do not want to share space with pests like cockroaches, ants, or termites. And they will pay good money for people who will take care of them. As a result, you might find it easy to get into a new career quickly and easily.

Critically, your training for this career can be surprisingly short. It may take only a few months to teach you about the various treatment methods and how to use them. As a result, you may be able to get licensed and start your new treatment business in less than a year: an incredible turnaround for a new career path.

Trade school career ideas like these are often not immediately obvious to many people. That’s because they may not realize that things like rodent control can be lucrative and interesting. Thankfully, it should be fairly easy to find a school that can train you along this fascinating career path.

Dealerships: Requires a Unique Level of Attention

Lastly, you might want to consider trade school ideas like setting up a new type of dealership. Many people try to start up dealerships without training and end up getting into financial trouble. However, a trade school can help to prepare you for this process and ensure that you get the best experience possible.

And the type of dealership for which you train can vary depending on your needs and your interests. For example, you might find that a high-quality car dealership works the best for you. Focus on things like new and used cars, and you’re likely to connect with a potential customer base.

However, you may find yourself interested in other options, too. For example, you might be into golf carts or other types of small vehicles. A dealership for these unique rides can be quite financially rewarding and even a lot of fun if you know how to handle this process and its unique elements.

Even better, you might have things like a trailer dealership that helps to entertain you and make your career more enjoyable. Trailer dealers are unusual in many parts of the world, as well, meaning it should be surprisingly easy for you to start up a career along this unique path.

Thankfully, trade school career ideas like these have been carefully prepared for and courses created to help make this option easier for you. Make sure to check with your potential educator, as well, to get the kind of high-quality training that works for your needs in this situation.

As you can see, there are many trade school career ideas that you can take into account that will be good for you. By fully understanding each of these options, you give yourself the best chance to thrive. Even better, you’ll make it simpler to get the kind of professional attention that you need for your training. In this way, you can start a great new career without any difficulty and thrive as a person.

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