3 Ways To Maximize Your Money When Living In Student Housing

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There are a million reasons to move into student apartments — some students do it because they get more privacy, while others want less direct supervision. Some simply do it for the reduced cost it often presents. Regardless, living on your own for the first time can be scary, and hard to properly manage sometimes. For instance, it’s important to make sure to take pictures of any damage upon moving in to student rentals so you don’t end up paying for it later. Students should also always plan to accommodate for extra costs, such as security deposits and utilities.

For the thrifty student looking to seriously save by living off campus, here are some crafty tips:

1. Eat At Home
Seriously, having your own kitchen is one of the best parts of leaving the dorms behind. Not only is meal plan food pretty gross, but it’s expensive, and if you didn’t know how to cook before, now is a great time to start to learn. With just a pot, a strainer, a frying pan, and a few spices and oils, you can build your cooking starter kit as you get more and more comfortable in the kitchen.

2.Dumpster Dive
Well, you don’t exactly need to dive into any actual dumpsters, but in College Town, there are great deals just waiting to happen. If your super proactive, take a walk around the college housing areas at the end of the semester before you move off campus and check out the giveaways from students who are too hurried to deal with their stuff. Kitchen supplies, furniture, even mattresses could come your way for free, all because of the end of semester insanity.

3. Be Frugal with Water and Electricity
Not only will this save you tons of money now, but it’ll seriously help later on by solidifying great habits for managing your energy outputs. Don’t leave lights on all night, try to limit superfluous water use, and turn off the thermostat when your not home. Apartments for college students don’t always have a timed thermostat, but if yours does take full advantage of it.

Living off campus in apartments for students, or any type of student housing, is another important step toward adulthood. Student apartments will teach you how to get creative, save money, and manage your budget.

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