5 Benefits of Choosing Preschool Over Daycare

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Statistics show that 75% of young children in the United States regularly attend one of many preschools around the nation. It’s common to wonder about why parents should place children in a preschool over a daycare. Many parents find preschool to be a highly beneficial environment for children. Preschools allow children to learn which isn’t something many daycare facilities offer. It’s understandable to want to learn more about the benefits of academic preschools. Here are five beneficial reasons to have your child enrolled in preschool right away.

  1. Perfect Preparation for Kindergarten

    No parent wants their child to feel overwhelmed. Children who are first placed in an educational environment during kindergarten may feel behind other students. Placing your child in preschool helps them to develop the skills needed for the upcoming kindergarten classes. Academic preschool activities help a child’s brain to develop and prepare for what will be required of them in kindergarten.
  2. Children Learn While Having Fun

    Many preschool education activities have elements of fun and education. Academic preschool activities focus on these elements to ensure a child finds information easier to understand. Children, especially younger ones, need to feel that learning is fun. It’s important that children are able to learn in preschool during their early years. Statistics show that 25% of children who are at risk were more likely to drop out of high school had not attended preschool.
  3. Great for Vocabulary Development

    Many academic preschool activities encourage learning. Part of a learning plan will typically involve vocabulary teaching. These lessons help to ensure your child develops language skills. Learning how to speak properly is a crucial skill that a child needs to stay focused on. Academic preschool programs will help ensure vocabulary is a vital part of every classrooms lesson plan.
  4. Ensure Children Develop Social Skills

    Your child will be placed in the social environment of a preschool environment. Educators will help encourage your child is given the chance to develop their social skills. It’s important that children are given the proper early stages of preschool education to develop socially. In some cases, children with stunted social skills can go to live life on the wrong side of the law. Statistics show that 70% of children who are at risk were more likely to be placed under arrest if they hadn’t received a quality preschool education.
  5. Children Learn in a Monitored Environment

    It’s true that children are monitored in a daycare environment. However, a major advantage of preschool is that your child learns while at preschool. Many daycare facilities are there to ensure you child is safely watched but education isn’t usually a requirement. Many parents find it assuring that their children receive an education while they’re working or away from home. Preschools are led by a staff of teachers and facility that safely watch over all children.

In summary, there are several reasons to enroll your child in an academic preschool. Statistics show that children who attend preschool are better prepared for kindergarten. Many children find that academic preschool activities are fun. Educator and parents get to enjoy children having fun while learning at the same time. Many of these activities involve helping your child develop their vocabulary. Your children will be able to learn important social skills that can’t be taught from a book. Children in preschool get to learn while socializing with children their own age in a monitored environment. Many parents continue to send their children to academic preschool in favor of daycare.

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