5 ways preschool prepares your child for kindergarten

Academic preschool curriculum

Every parent wants their child to receive a high quality education. And these days, that starts at a very young age, even prior to elementary school. With 3 out 4 children in the United States enrolled, preschools are on the up and up lately and for good reason.

1. Interaction with other children. In a preschool setting, your child will learn how to socialize with their peers which they most likely haven’t had much experience in if they’ve been with a nanny or stay at home parent. Being able to get along with others and work cooperatively is a key part of your child’s high quality education.

2. Structured daily routine. If a child is used to days full of unstructured play time, kindergarten will come as a big shock. Academic preschool programs help ease your child into following a daily schedule.

3. Conflict resolution. Similar to the exposure to other children their age, preschool will teach your child how to handle their emotions and deal with issues in a social or public setting. This helps with behavioral skills and development.

4. Taste of independence. For probably the first time, your child will be able to gain a sense of self and find out what it’s like to be away from his/her parents. Not only will this help them adjust to being at grade school all day in the future, it will also help build their confidence in themselves.

5. Improved cognitive and learning skills. Most importantly, an academic preschool teaches your child how to be a student. They will be taught how to raise their hand to answer a question, what is expected of them by the teacher and the general ins and outs of a classroom setting. They’ll also begin learning math and reading as well as motor skills.

Preschools that provide a high quality education can make a major difference in your
young child’s learning and development. It might not be right for every family but you have a lot of options when it comes to early education and is something worth considering, especially when it’s been proven to be so instrumental in a child’s grade school readiness. The benefits of academic preschool will allow your child to be preapred and excited for their first day of kindergarten!

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