Choosing a Catholic School in Phoenix

If you have recently moved to Phoenix, settling down includes a lot of things. One of the top priorities is getting your kids to a proper school.

You can certainly enroll them in the nearest public school. But if you’re Catholic, then it’s only appropriate to enroll them in a Catholic school.

Sending your children to a school that fosters your family’s faith is the right thing to do. Still, did you know that it’s also your best option for your kids? Research shows that 99% of Catholic high school students do graduate. 86% of them actually attend 4-year colleges.

Choosing the right school for your child should not be a trial-and-error process. While it’s easy to ask around, you actually get better information if you scour the internet. Yet, this can be tedious as well especially if you’ve just finished relocating.

Here are a few options for a Catholic education available in the greater Phoenix area.

Bourgade Catholic High School

Bourgade Catholic High School first opened its doors six decades ago. Ever since then, its campus has evolved extensively. Thus, promoting a richer Catholic education for the students.

The grounds are spacious and always clean. This encourages your children to focus on their academic and spiritual learning.

Situated on the second floor of the Student Services Building is the chapel. With its stained-glass windows and Stations of the Cross ceramic set, it is divine indeed.

The regular school curriculum is already enticing enough. But, on top of it, Bourgade Catholic High School also offers a Campus Ministry Program.

Brophy College Preparatory

If you’re a Jesuit in Phoenix, you’ll find Brophy College Preparatory to be a potential choice.  They focus on developing your child’s academic, social, and spiritual aspects. Take note, though, that this is an all-boys high school.

With St. Ignatius of Loyola as their inspiration, they aim to help your son become a better person as a whole. This includes helping people as well as Catholic charities. This gets him ready for his college years.

The high school years are very challenging. The average school dropout rate in the U.S. is 5.7%. This is according to research conducted in 2017 by the National Center for Education Statistics. Sending your child to Brophy College Preparatory can help remove this risk.

Most Holy Trinity Catholic Elementary School

For over 60 years now, Most Holy Trinity Catholic Elementary School has been providing excellent Catholic education to children.

The school follows the traditions of the Roman Catholic faith. They help children strengthen their faith in God. As well as develop their academic and social skills.

Pre-schoolers are taught at an early age the scriptures and doctrines of the faith. At the same time fostering a friendly atmosphere among their classmates. Most Holy Trinity Catholic Elementary School even offers extended day-care services. You can also ask them if they offer Catholic scholarships.

Wrapping it up

Teacher quality is a very important factor when it comes to a student’s achievement. You’ll find that most Catholic schools have excellent teachers.

Your child’s education is an important, life-changing decision. Choosing from our list of the best catholic schools in Phoenix will surely help. You can rest assured that you have taken another step in improving your children’s lives.

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