How Land Surveying Works

Land surveying is the process of taking big measurements. The land survey company uses geometry to measure accurate angles and even alignments. So, how do land surveying works? Read below.

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1. Robotic Total Station

A land survey company uses this equipment and can be seen all over the city. It helps them obtain the layout of the area through measurement.

According to professionals of land survey company, the equipment does the bulk of work for them.

2. Setting the Areas

This is the first part of the process, where the land survey company would set nails and stakes at the point of reference in the area – where they intend to measure.

3. Establishing Coordinates

Once coordinates are established, they should set up their entire station and reference back site on another, and it’s usually a hundred feet away.

4. Collecting Data

When the setting up of stations is completed, that’s the time when data is collected using a data and prism on top on which the entire station tracks.

That way, they could walk around with the rod, while the station follows. You can track and record the distance from the station to the prism.

5. Accuracy

Land survey company would go after the accuracy. The accuracy would help the place to plan projects for streets, Platts, developments, and to use information obtained from the survey for a placement.


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