How Online Training Courses Are Helping More Massage Therapists Continue Their Education

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Americans are stressed out. Boasting some of the lowest vacation rates and some of the longest work weeks, the country is seeing an increasing need for resources that can tackle stress at its root. Massage therapy continuing education has never been a better option for those looking for a dynamic career field in high demand. Massage courses have since expanded to better address the growing demand of the population, with specialties ranging from addressing the need of pregnant women to traditional Chinese modalities for smaller clinics. Online learning is a great way of keeping your schedule flexible while still getting the education you need to move above and beyond in a competitive field.

Today’s Massage Industry

Massage therapy continuing education is a response to the increasing demand for certified, reliable massage artists and consultants. The 2016 AMTA Consumer Survey saw nearly 20% of American adults receiving at least one massage between July of 2015 and July of 2016. It’s estimated today’s massage therapists will earn an average of $45 per hour for all massage-related work. Overall, massage therapy is a $12 billion industry and is only going to grow from here. Courses for massage therapists are available online and can provide you a start or supplement existing education.

The Physical Benefits Of Massage

A good massage can do wonders for reducing chronic pain and helping individuals approach the work week more comfortably. Over 90% of consumers in a recent study on massage therapy agree that a massage can be highly effective in reducing pain. Another 85% of individuals actively view regular massages as a beneficial addition to their overall wellness. As of today there are over 375,000 massage therapists in the country and counting, thanks to studies provided by AMTA, and this employment growth is expected to coast at a steady 15% for the foreseeable future.

The Mental Health Benefits Of Massage

Physical and mental health are one in the same. Not only does a massage help immensely with reducing pain, it can put a dent in stress and help people think much more clearly. Cortisol, sometimes referred to as the ‘stress hormone’, is useful in small doses but notoriously damaging when experienced in consistent, high doses. Massage can release significant amounts of dopamine, a chemical associated with positive emotions and relaxation. For those that struggle with anxiety and depression, this can mean all the difference for remaining mentally healthy.

Growing Online Educational Resources

Online education is fast becoming one of the most reliable foundations for a solid career in the country. This is true for both children and adults, with online classes providing more flexibility and personalized approaches than many traditional settings. A Global Shapers survey saw 40% of respondents saying online education is just as strong as a classic education. In fact, this same survey saw over 75% of respondents around the world reporting having taken at least one online class. Massage therapy continuing education is at its best when it works for you and your unique schedule.

What To Expect From Massage Therapy Continuing Education

What can you expect from your massage training online? Due to the digital space being updated on a rolling basis, much of your knowledge on massage and its benefits will be much more accurate than older textbooks can provide. Even those that only work in massage part-time can stand to benefit from taking online courses. Studies have shown over 80% of massage therapists today started practicing massage therapy as a secondary career, particularly those who are already invested in medicine or mental health.

Massage therapy continuing education can be achieved in a number of ways. See if an online model can’t supplement your knowledge and increase your options.

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