How Your Child Develops — And How A Preprimary Program Can Help!

Your child grows rapidly during their first few years of life, both physically and mentally. It can be beneficial to enroll them in a preprimary program to help aid in their cognitive and social development. Countless parents seek out the best nursery schools and private preschools in order to maximize their child’s development, but how does your child grow?


Here is some of the most pertinent information regarding your child’s growth and how private nursery schools can help aid in their progress.


Cognitive development


A child develops their cognitive skills by making connections between neural pathways. Each neural pathway is triggered by a different association, including sounds, sights, smells, interactions, and emotions. By exposing your child to a variety of experiences and situations, you’re helping your child grow in unexpected ways, even growing new circuits between pathways, known as plasticity. And the more a neural pathway is used, the stronger they become.


With the help of Greenwich Village private schools, your child will experience a variety of daily activities, social interactions, and games that help establish more cognitive connections.


Motor skill development


Fine and gross motor skill development are necessary to help your child use their muscles. Specifically, fine motor skills help small muscles like those in their fingers and hands. A preprimary school can help your child learn to draw, pick up small objects, and use eating utensils.


Gross motor skills enable your child to use larger muscles, like running or skipping. Progressive schools can engage your child in fun activities that encourage fine and gross motor skills without your child realizing it!


Social development


Social development is particularly necessary at a young age, but few children have the opportunity to engage with multiple people. A preprimary school will help your child’s ability to interact with others in healthy ways and form more empathy as they grow.


In 2016, it was estimated that 8.76 million children enrolled in preprimary programs throughout the United States. When you want to help your child grow and develop, rely on a nursery school, your child will be sure to flourish.

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