Is a Faith Based Education Right for Your Child?

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Making decisions about your child’s education is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. For many parents faith based education in a Christian private school is the right choice. Faith based schools are schools that reflect your family’s convictions.

Faith based education can be the perfect place for your child to get a good education that will carry them through life. There are clear benefits of faith based education. Understanding these benefits can help you to make the right choice for your child.

What is the Difference Between Private Faith Based Education and Public Education?

The biggest difference between faith based schools and public schools is that Christian faith based schools put Jesus first. In public schools because children from all faiths attend talking about religion is banned.

For Christian family’s it is important that Jesus is a part of every day including being a part of the classroom. Faith based education includes open conversations about the bible and Jesus. Of course that is not the only difference.

Typically in Christian private school:

  • You find smaller class sizes
  • There is a clear commitment to academic excellence
  • There are teachers that have the same values as your family

A private faith based education can mean that your child gets the individual attention that they deserve in the classroom because of smaller class sizes. The smaller class sizes allow the educator to customize lesson plans, and direct attention where it is needed.

Academic Excellence

Private schools have long been heralded for their academic excellence. Around 60%-80% of educators in a private school setting have advanced degrees. This makes the majority of the staff uniquely qualified to promote academic excellence among students.

The Values

Private faith based education can be the ideal setting for your child if you want your student to have values from home reinforced at school. Teachers in private Christian schools share your Christian values. It is important that your child during their formative years are surrounded by a community that mirrors the values that you are teaching at home.

Most parents that have enrolled their children at a faith based school have found the tuition costs to be one of the best investments they ever made. Learn more about private school opportunities to for your child today.

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