Is Concealed Carry Insurance Necessary?

In this YouTube video, Carry Trainer discusses whether a concealed carry permit holder should obtain insurance for concealed carry activities. This type of insurance can potentially help a person if they find themselves in court for attempting to defend themselves.

A person can spend the money on a firearm, the necessary and proper training to use it safely, and go through all of the mental and emotional preparation involved in facing that situation in real life successfully.

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That process takes time. It’s also imperative to be able to defend themselves in court.

Defending a case in court can cost an average of $400,000 to go to trial. The right insurance policy for this can be a fraction of the cost of this per year. In addition, some policies provide coverage for bail bonds when needed. It’s essential to check the caps provided by each insurance company for defense, bail, and investigative fees during this process. Some insurance types won’t provide money for the appeal, while others will.

When shopping for insurance, make sure the policy covers all legal firearms and other legitimate weapons of opportunity. Not all insurance providers will cover any other weapon used in self-defense other than a firearm.

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