Learn the Basics of Auto Collision Repair

Advanced fundamentals of auto collision repair involve repairing and the refinishing skills associated with restoring a damaged automobile to factory specifications. If you’re a student looking to pursue a course in auto body repair, the basic curriculum will help develop core skills in MIG welding, automobile construction, sheet metal damage repair, metal finishing, and body filling.

Other mastery skills in auto collision repair include safety, tool identification, damage estimating, shop management, paint mixing and matching, frame inspection, unibody measurement, and repair.

If you love the challenge of dismantling a car and assembling it back together, turn this art of tinkering into a sustainable career. You’ll learn the concept of electronic, brake, heating, and cooling systems as well as sheet metal and welding techniques to make that car road-worthy again.

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There are plenty of internship opportunities for you to acquire hands-on and practical auto collision repair experience. Such opportunities provides a platform for you to identify which area of auto body is for you. There is plenty to learn in the auto collision repair program, but with the right training, you can easily fine-tune your skills for a perfect finish. Remember employers are always looking for the cream in the industry, and you can be the one with dedication and commitment to be the best.


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