Putting Diversity Training into Action

Diversity refers to differences that, when applied to humans, are specific to the issues of race, culture, gender, and age. This diversity is noticeable within the human population, which in 2011 reached 7 billion. The United States has been primarily caucasian in the past, but in 2012 the majority of those born in the nation were classified as minorities. Workplace diversity courses can help people adapt to such differences, the advantages of which were outlined in the video.

Diversity is a challenging issue within businesses and other organizations. Satisfying these differences can be rewarding by increasing sales and profits.

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Organizations that are diverse in terms of their workers can appeal to a customer base that is also more diverse. Additionally, diversity in a workforce allows the employees to use their backgrounds in different ways, which can help resolve problems and lead to greater innovation within the organization.

Resistance to diversity can lead to conflicts. Employees may require assistance in working out the differences within their ranks. Workplace diversity courses can thus be beneficial in overcoming these differences and helping an organization find the cohesion it needs to be successful.


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