The Differences Between Charter and Public Schools

Are you considering a charter high school? Or do you wonder what the difference is between charter schools and public schools?

The main difference between charter schools and public schools is that charter schools are a “school of choice” and public schools are based on geographical locations. Both school types are free to attend, do not require entrance exams, and do not discriminate in enrollment. Students must apply to attend a charter school, while an application is not required for public schools.

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Charter schools are funded by the government on a per-pupil allowance. Public schools are funded by the government and funded mostly by tax dollars. Charter schools are often run by community members. Public schools are run by the government.

Generally speaking, charter schools receive less operating money than public schools. Charter and public schools can vary greatly in the curriculum. Both are required to uphold a state-approved curriculum, but charter schools often include a variety of electives or specialize in a certain field such as theater or science. Most schools in the United States are public schools.

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