The Top Five Reasons You Should Introduce Your Child To Spanish Before Junior High

Spanish curriculum lessons for preschool

Language is one of humanity’s greatest achievements…and yet, we take for granted this incredible skill every single day. We use language to communicate our innermost feelings and desires. We use language to help keep roads safe as we drive to work or school. We use language to relish in the art of creation. All in all, language is pretty darn incredible. When the world is only becoming more globalized by the day, you give your child the best possible chance at success when you offer them a better means of access. Learning a second language (or third language!) is proven to encourage a smarter, happier and more social kid.

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken tongues on the planet. Here’s why you should consider getting your children involved in a beginning Spanish curriculum.

You Set Your Child Up For Future Success

The job market is notoriously competitive. How can you make sure your kid has the best possible chance at getting economic security once they graduate high school? Learning elementary Spanish isn’t a bad place to start. Recent studies have shown bilingual employees earn 20% more per hour on average than their monolingual counterparts, that of which is particularly useful if your child wants to work in a field that’s healthcare or business-oriented.

They Will Be Able To Make More Friends

It can be tough for kids to make new friends, especially if they move around a lot or have a shy disposition. Learning another language is a wonderful way of endearing children to one another across different cultures. Spanish is the second most spoken language worldwide, boasting an astonishing 385 million speakers across dozens of countries. You can only imagine the possibilities that will be open to your child once they get involved with excelerate Spanish.

A Third Language Will Only Be Easier

Perhaps your child is hungry for more after taking homeschool Spanish. Why not have them pick up a third? Contrary to popular belief, learning multiple languages is actually less difficult for children than it is for adults. Your child’s first eight years are the absolute best time for them to acquire language skills to carry them into adulthood. This is because they are the most receptive at learning language through repetition, games and socialization untouched by self-consciousness.

Spanish Is Related To Multiple Other Languages

We know that learning one foreign language opens up the doors for another. Excelerate Spanish is a great choice not only for its widespread usage, but also for its similarity to multiple other tongues. French, Portuguese and Italian all come from the same family known as the ‘romance languages’. Although they sound quite different and have their own unique rules, they boast similar grammar, pronunciation and geographical proximity. Any child eager to travel will be glad to have a few languages under their belt!

Spanish Is A Fantastic Language For Your Child To Pick Up

Why wait until your child is almost out of high school to start teaching them a new language? Most countries mandate the introduction of a foreign language by the time a child is eight years old, with the United States lagging behind by waiting until children are already in junior high to start introducing them to a new tongue. This puts them in a poor spot to really let a language soak in and give them its full range of benefits. Excelerate Spanish can open your child up to new travel options, increase their employment opportunities and even make them more clever in social situations.

Kids Spanish curriculum is only going to take off from here. Are you ready for the ride?

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