What are Some Career Options with a Degree in Kinesiology

Secondary education

The word kinesiology is derived from a Greek word kinesis, which simply stands for movement. Kinesiology is a multidisciplinary study that deals with the anatomy and physiology surrounding human movement. The study of kinesiology tries to understand human muscles and their synchronization in relation to biomechanical, physiological, sociological and physiological that enable human movement. In addition to understanding the basics of human movement, Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (BS Kinesiology) enables you to learn the principles of movement optimization in terms of physical performance.

If you’ve graduated with a BS kinesiology, you may be wondering what’s next for you in terms of career options. Well, there are numerous career opportunities for holders of kinesiology degree to explore. But the four primary occupational options are physical education, fitness and wellness, health education and recreations occupations. Since kinesiology is not an end in itself, you may even qualify to teach others in the same field. Below are three occupational categories that encompass the majority of career opportunities in kinesiology.

For those looking to build a career from a medical field, Kinesiology may be the good options for you. Through its programs, you’ll get a better understanding of the entire human body, particularly in areas such as physics, chemistry, psychology, and anatomy. Such a foundation can enable you to develop a career as a nurse, a doctor or a physician’s assistant. In addition, you are also fit to be a teacher, volunteer in community centers, work in government and non-governmental agencies, or even being self-employed.

Fitness and wellness
As a graduate in Kinesiology, you may just find yourself pursuing a career in fitness, exercise and wellness occupations working as a team doctor, personal trainer or exercise specialists. These may land you an opportunity in private, public or non-governmental agencies. Certainly, your knowledge and experience are sufficient enough to coach an elementary, high school or college teams. This is one critical area your qualifications will really be put to tests to try and help players or athletic trainers get into shape while minimizing the chances of injuries. Also, their pay is pretty good.

Allied health
Having a masters degree in kinesiology is also a good chance to work in different health related fields like a physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, cardiac rehabilitation support, health care consultant, orthopedic physician, or a health care educator.

However, when you are thinking of a career in kinesiology, remember that there are those jobs limited to bachelor’s degree only and there are those that will require additional qualifications in terms of education, training, and experience. Although, a BS Kinesiology is somewhat enough to open several job opportunities doors for you.

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