College Can Help You Overcome Struggles in Your Educational Past

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Out of 30 countries from around the world, the average American 15 year old places 25th in math proficiency. This is despite the fact that, this year, nearly 15 million children will be in grades nine through 12 and attend high school. While there are all kinds of reasons for low math scores, and struggles in other areas as well, college can help offset deficiencies in early education.

The fact that so many kids drop out of high school certainly plays a part in the fact that Americans tend to be less proficient in certain subjects, but doing so almost always proves to be a mistake. In fact, dropouts are not eligible for some 90% of American jobs. However, dropout rates are staggeringly high, despite the fact that there are some 56 million teachers around the world teaching every grade from preschool to senior year. Though the majority are well-qualified, and some perhaps overqualified, inspiring quotes about education today can be hard to come by considering the struggles of many American students.

There are lots of great reasons people go to college, and the fact that an online degree education could help overcome problems in high school is just one of them. Since the year 2000, the number of students heading to college in the United States has increased by about six and a half million. So although earlier education systems might be struggling to provide the right learning environment, American colleges are thriving.

Perhaps the greatest reason to go to college is the fact that higher education is more flexible and accessible today than ever before. In the past, there were limited options when it came to enrolling in programs and scheduling classes, and going to college could have been virtually impossible for people with responsibilities like jobs or children. But now, almost anyone can get an online degree education that gives them the flexibility to do work on their own time.

After graduating high school, many students will take the time to go through the college application process and try to get into a four-year school that will give them a bachelor’s degree and the chance at a great career. However, that is not always the best choice for every young adult, and more options are needed to make sure that every student has the best chance for success. Fortunately, online degree education programs are available for recent grads who do not believe that spending four years living in a new town and heading to class every day is right for them. Those programs could help Americans overcome grade school issues and build a competent workforce.

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