Time To Go to College? Are You Ready?

Affordable online degrees

Trust me, a Reasons To Go To College essay is well worth the effort. Whether you are filling out an online university application, or one for your dad’s alma mater, as long as you plan on going to college, you are off to a good start. One of the best things about education nowadays, which is new to the current generations, is that most four year colleges now offer a university online degree.

You can pursue a university online degree part time, taking occasional classes over a series of years until you reach graduation, or you can take it on full time. Being online, you can access classes whenever is most convenient. As long as assignments and tests are completed on time, it does not matter if they are done at three in the morning.

I will not even bother to get into reasons not to go to college. I can think of one or two, but they are far outweighed by reasons to go. It does not matter if you are pursuing that university online degree, or going to a physical college, having a college degree is worth the time, money, and effort.

1. Specificity in Education

Everyone comes out of high school with about the same knowledge. Granted, schools and classes may vary in little details, but for the most part, a high school education is a high school education. By going to college, pursuing a major of your choosing, you get specifics and details about that subject so that you can be an expert in it.

2. Pursue Passions

Like I said, going to college lets you choose what you want to study. That should be reason enough. When you apply that to the real world, it is even more important. There are very few cases that allow you to pursue a career of your choosing straight out of high school without additional education or training. In order to get into entry level positions for your dream job, you need at least a Bachelor’s degree. You are setting yourself up for success in the long run. College is not just an investment of four years, it is a lifetime.

3. At Least a BA

It may sound cynical and harsh, and it is, but Bachelor’s degrees are the new high school diploma. If you want to be evenly matched with others entering the workforce, you need at least a BA to make the person interviewing you even consider. If he has a stack of resumes with high school diplomas, a stack with BAs, and one or two MAs, it will be MAs first, then he will delve into the BAs, high school diplomas will be last. Everyone is going to college, so you need to keep up.

Plain and simple, going to college is so that you can have a legitimate career. Unless you want to work in the coal mines of West Virginia, and even they may require some college at this point, you are going to need that specificity in your education. Do not bother waiting a year, or going in undecided. The sooner you get the ball rolling, the sooner you get the most out of a worthwhile career of your choosing.

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