How to do Quality Legal Research

Whether it’s information on past legal precedents or disability appeals, legal students are constantly on the hunt for legal cases and statistics. Upon first glance, it can seem incredibly difficult to find reliable sources in the endless library of past court case documentation. With the right tools and strategy, however, it can be a breeze to pinpoint exact cases to reference in your law school papers and studies.

Video Source

Doing legal research gets easier with practice, and this video will offer many tips on how to do reliable legal research for all of your paper-writing needs.

Quicklaw is a great piece of hardware to start your research process, especially if you have no past knowledge on the subject you are tasked with researching. This student recommends starting with secondary sources, which will inevitably link you back to the primary sources you will reference in your final work. Quicklaw helps to narrow down court cases by country, jurisdiction, and content type. Once you find a secondary source, look into the cases that it mentions by finding “vs.” in the document. Soon enough, you’ll trace it back to the cases that can be valuable addition to your latest research paper assignment.


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