The Benefits of Home Server Hosting

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Hosting your own web server from home provides a wide range of benefits. However, there are also disadvantages to consider. This video explains some of the pros and cons of web server hosting from home.


The first benefit is privacy. You are in control of the security of the server and you aren’t using something that’s shared with other customers. Shared hosting can be less secure, and sometimes companies hosting on dedicated servers can be hacked, too.


All of the variables are controlled by you. Hardware, software, and more is chosen based on what you want. Having control means you need to be responsible and know what you’re doing, but the autonomy is unrivaled.


A disadvantage is that you really need excellent internet capabilities. This will be your biggest limiting factor. You will need to pay for much more bandwidth because you are relying on a residential internet connection. You will have to upgrade to a commercial connection.

Power going down in your home is also a problem. You have to invest in a diesel generator in case of emergencies, or make sure whatever is running on the server can be down. For more information, check out the video at the link above.


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