Independent High Schools Offer Alternative Learning For Bullied Students

 independent high schoolAccording to the Denver Channel, Colorado was listed as the 29th safest state in America, a lower number than its usual heightened status what with Colorado’s low unemployment rates and relatively strong economy.

However, when other safety concerns are taken into account such as violent crimes and bullying rates, it makes sense why Colorado dropped significantly on the list. Yet it isn’t only Colorado that has significant safety issues as of late. Bullying rates across the country have been dangerously high as of late with multiple suicides of young students as the tragic results.

A public and private school teacher often teaches a class with an average of 25 to 30 students. This not only causes them to be unable to stop the lesson to answer many questions but also causes them to be unable to catch small instances of bullying that may be threatening your child.

Additionally, many school laws have limited bullying rules and tolerances. Often times a student may need to be caught performing or saying something cruel for the instance to be considered bullying even when the bullied student comes to the teacher for help. Teachers may also be unable to mention certain topics to students in order to console them in accordance to the school’s laws lest they be fired.

Independent high school choices such as online high schools or blended high schools can help your child receive personalized learning if they are under threat of bullying and unable to get the help they need. An independent high school is a great alternative for parents who don’t necessarily have the ability to homeschool their child in the event that school bullying has become excessive.

An independent high school allows your child to learn in a non-intimidating environment free from anxiety and ridicule while offering them teacher assistance first hand should they require help. This self paced learning via online education is incredibly beneficial during difficult educational lessons such as higher level mathematics or foreign languages.

A study entitled “2013 Trends in Online Learning” conducted by Blackboard K-12, 59% of school teachers reported that their students, when taught in a blended learning environment of both online learning and traditional classroom learning, showed more motivation that with traditional classroom learning alone. Therefore, if your child is suffering from bullying and is displaying a distinct lack of motivation and security with their school work, a blended independent high school education may be a considerably good choice to help boost their self-esteem.

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