Mig Welding 101

Are you new to welding and would like to be informed? There are certain things about welding that you need to be familiar with. One of them is MIG welding.

MIG stands for metal inert gas. It is a welding process that is common for beginners. MIG welding is an arc welding process wherein a continuous solid wire electrode is placed through a welding gun straight into the weld pool, linking both of the base materials to each other.

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In order to avoid contamination in the weld pool, a shielding gas is simultaneously sent through the welding gun. A MIG welder is normally a hobbyist, home welder, a DIY-er, or an artist that is handling not too heavy welding works. This welding process is perfect for someone who is just starting to try welding work.

MIG welding may be for beginners, which means it is not as complicated as other welding processes, but it still matters to have a mindset that prioritizes safety before working on a project.

Once safety is established, MIG welding can be a simple process to do. However, it requires the right materials and techniques to be used for the job to be perfect.

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