What Exactly Is Ecotoxicology?

The purpose of this video is to show you what exactly ecotoxicology is. In a more relatable phrasing, it is the study of harmful elements in nature, or how toxins affect the ecosystem. This study is a combination of several other aspects of the ecosystem and science.

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Ecotoxicology is the combination of conservation biology, fisheries biology, human health, and toxicology. Toxicology has a huge impact on the other three. As different toxins are exposed to the world around us, the ecosystems begin to change on a biological level.

This relates directly to conservation biology. To implement conservation efforts, we need to be able to take the added toxins into consideration because that is typically what is causing the change or environment that causes various species to stop thriving in their natural habitat. While these new toxins contribute to the devolving ecosystem, they also have a large impact on human health. We live in the same environment as these disappearing organisms and, while we can adapt rather easily, it’s important to recognize that if the toxins evolve much further, the human species will be at risk next. Please, watch the video to learn more details and information about this topic.


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