Should You Become a Lawyer?

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A lawyer is a legal expert that can do a variety of things. They may defend or prosecute alleged criminals, help with business deals, or run for public office. It’s not an easy job and it takes a lot of work to even become one, but the rewards are vast. This video will break down some of the traits you need to become a successful lawyer.

The first thing that may indicate you could be a successful lawyer is if you read a lot. Lawyers need to go through countless legal documents to prepare for a case. They need to be able to annotate and organize the small bits of evidence they need that sit within thousands of words. They also need to understand the big picture of the document. So if you like reading and analyzing literature and history, being a lawyer may be for you.

Another sign that you could be a great lawyer is if you enjoy debates and arguing. This lies at the crux of what most lawyers do. They need to argue their client’s case to a jury, judge, or other legal representatives in order to win.

For more traits, check out the video above.

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