Preschool and Daycare Differences Parents Need to Understand

The differences between preschool and daycare are important for parents to understand. Preschool is meant for children who are ready to be in a classroom with children of the same age, between the ages of four and five. Preschools have teachers and teaching assistants in the classrooms. Children are expected to be potty trained, and they should be able to interact with other kids their age. Preschool allows students to learn the ABCs and basic numbers through games and other fun activities.

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Preschools also often have “circle time,” which allows kids to learn which day it is, how a calendar works and the day/month it is, the weather, and more.

When it comes to preschool and daycare differences, daycare can be much different. Daycare is meant for kids who can’t go to school yet. It is a caregiving service for parents who work and need their children to be cared for during the day. Kids in daycare socialize, eat snacks, have the opportunity to rest, and most of all, play! Daycare is great for young children who need more opportunities to socialize, like that of an only child.

Speak with a preschool teacher if you’re wondering more about preschool and daycare differences. They’ll be able to explain what their preschool program offers.

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