Technology Takes Education By Storm

We’re all used to commercials that advertise the ease and convenience of their online college — and that’s understandable, as nearly two-thirds of online students say they chose that option to be able to study and work on their own schedule — but what if you just want to learn more about a personal interest of yours? What if you just really love the civil war and want to learn more about it, regardless of your career choice? Thanks to recent studies on learning that show the effectiveness of visual information over text (our brains process images 60,000 times faster than words!) and advancements in technology, there are now entire courses you can take online. These home study courses make studying not feel like studying.

Turn Your Free Time Into a Personalized Class

Learning not only occurs at your own pace, but on your own terms. Take a class on cooking, tai chi, or psychology. Nearly 80% of these personal learners quoted the need make their lives more interesting and satisfying. You’ll certainly be the most interesting the person at the party if you start busting out unique and fascinating facts about your chosen area of study!

Push Your Career

Now, that’s not to say you can’t go beyond simple interest in a certain subject. Around 46% of students online cited a need to expand or advance their career. The visual aspect of learning online is proven to be a better way to absorb information, making it easier and faster to complete courses, not to mention do well at them.

Your Own Personal Tutor

Online learning courses also make excellent guides for classes you might already be taking in an on-campus setting. If you’re struggling with calculus, for example, you might want to try a refresher course to get a different point of view on the same subject. It’s always important to try new methods to see what works best for you! Around 65% of the population learns visually, yet most classes are taught through text.

Play around with what benefits you the most and get the best possible learning experience. With so many online courses to choose from and more personalized ways to learn and study, the only thing stopping you from gaining knowledge is yourself.

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